New project

My dive torch gave up the ghost. Well the Bulb did, and seeing as the bulb is one of the more expensive parts of an extremely simple device this triggered me to start a project i had been mulling over for a while now. The first part of the project is to replace the standard bulb with an LED. This should hopefully improve efficiency and brightness underwater. The second part is a little more complex and is still in the fluid / ideas / development / research type stage. The though is that switching the LED at high frequency could possibly improve light penetration underwater. This technique has long been implemented for improving the efficiency of LEDs so this should be fairly simple. Goals for the future of the project include – self monitoring circuit to maximise power into the LED – self calibrating frequncy to maximise light penetration. – smart recording of random data So of the the drawing board I go and hopefully some block diagrams and circuits will follow Till then